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Does a lack of confidence affect the way you use Business English?

Is using English embarrassing for you?

Do you feel nervous when you need to speak English?

Shy about making mistakes when you use English?

Are you worried that you may not get promoted if your English isn’t better?

Would you like to enjoy communicating with non-Japanese speakers?

Communicate Confidently & Effectively

Speaking another language can be difficult for many reasons.

One of the biggest reasons people don’t want to use a second language is because they’re worried they may make a mistake.

Don’t feel embarrassed when you use English.

You should be able to feel confident and happy when you use English.

Imagine how much more effective you can be if you’re not worrying about your English.

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Shy or Embarrassed by Your English? Don't be.

Learn business English with a special programme. Designed by an English businessman who has worked with many different nationalities, in many different industries.

Over 30 years business experience with central governmental departments, large corporate business, SMEs and entrepreneurial start-ups. We understand the difficulties non-native English speakers face.

As learners of other languages ourselves, we do understand the hesitation in using the new language.

Yes, we feel your pain.

Benefit from real life experience, not just classroom experience. We know, for example, the difficulties in hosting regular teleconferences in English with clients from all over the world and different native languages.

Trained to teach English to speakers of other languages (CELTA) and with a unique skill set and perspective. We can help you lose the embarrassment and shyness you feel when you use English.

Thousands of people in your situation have improved their business English already.

5n7 English Confidence Programme

Vastly Improve Your Promotion Prospects

Learning or improving your English will give you an advantage over other candidates whose English is not strong. Improved English gives you have a wider choice of career or promotion opportunitie. Mastering English will show your employer that you are dedicated and able to learn. Many English students have gained promotion or found better jobs and improved security for themselves and their families.

Communicate Effectively & Clearly

Understanding others and making yourself understood are essential if you are communicating in English in the business world. Small mistakes in understanding or presentation can lead to unwanted consequences. These can cause unintended results or wasted time and money. Learn to communicate effectively and clearly.

Enjoy Time with Non-Japanese Speakers

Speaking and using English with confidence opens up your world! The ability to communicate with others in English enriches your life, leading to opportunities you may never have thought possible. Career, friends, even marriage.

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Our Guarantee to You

Learn Business English with our programme and you will vastly improve your confidence and ability to use English in a business environment. You need to do the work and do it consistently. If you do the work we give you then you will see the results. We will support you every step of the way. Of course, the final decision is yours.

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5 Minutes

Build your confidence in just 5 minutes per day


Interactive & Immersive video lessons

One 2 One

Coaching programme to sky-rocket your progress