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Active Voice A grammatical voice where the subject is performing the action of the verb.

Back to front This can have two meanings in this sense. It can mean that you know the subject extremely well, like knowing the alphabet backwards. The second meaning is that you have got things confused or the wrong way around.

Bearing in Mind Considering and thinking about how something may influence something else.

Brand building Creating an awareness of your business or product without actively trying to sell it. Creating awareness.

Call to action Something you say or do to move the sales process forward.

Catch you out Highlight that someone has made a mistake or doesn’t understand something.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions. The questions that your customers always want the answers to.

Flagged Up To bring something to other people’s attention.

Grab a coffee Go and get a cup of coffee

Inside out In this sense it means knowing a subject extremely well. You know it inside and out.

In the same boat In the same situation as someone else.

Intransitive Verbs Verbs which do not require an object. Examples: arrive, run, jump.

Kicking your heels Waiting for something to begin

My heart goes out to you You sympathise with the person you’re speaking to.

Passive Voice A grammatical voice showing interest in the person or object experiencing an action.

Past Participle Verb form used to form perfect and passive tenses. Sometimes used as an adjective. Typically ends ~ed

Pinch of Salt If we take something that somebody tells us with a ‘pinch of salt’ it means that we don’t entirely believe them.

Prospect A potential customer.

Pull out of your hat to do something surprising and unexpected. As if by magic.

Readability How easy a piece of text is to read. How easy it is for a reader to understand the text.

Run through To practice or rehearse something.

Tone of Voice The way you use language both written and spoken to inform your audience. Tone of voice creates the impression you make on everyone who either reads or hears what you are saying.

Transitive Verbs Verbs which affect the action of the object. These verbs require an object to act on.

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