5n7 Business English Confidence Programme

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What is it?

We’ve designed the business English confidence course using our experience of working with many different nationalities, in many different industries.

You can be sure that we understand the difficulties that non-native English speakers, like you, face.

You will benefit from real life experience, not just classroom experience.

You will learn modern business English. Often the business English taught is old fashioned and has been created by people who have never worked in business.

For example a recent survey listed the ‘most hated eMail subject lines’ in English business. Most of the subject lines listed are taught in business English course books as the best subject lines to use!

You will know better. 

A Simple & Effective Learning Strategy

Build your confidence in 5 minutes per day

One of the keys to learning English effectively is consistency. One of the keys to consistency is predictability. We deliver a short exercise to you every week day. The exercise will take you five minutes to complete. Your confidence will grow every day.

Improve your English with video lessons

A series of longer video lessons (30 – 45 mins), interactive and immersive. There are 3 levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Lessons are designed to improve both your standard of English and your confidence. Each lesson is delivered direct to your inbox, weekly on the day of your choice.

One 2 one Coaching

A limited availability English coaching programme to sky-rocket your progress. Each programme is individually tailored to make sure the content is perfect for you. 

Business English support materials

Clear support materials are essential if you are to learn business English confidence. Our videos and pdfs support your English language learning.

5n7 Business English Confidence Programme

Vastly Improve Your Promotion Prospects

Learning or improving your English gives you an advantage over other candidates whose English is not strong. Improved English gives you a wider choice of career or promotion opportunities. Mastering English will show your employer that you are dedicated and able to learn. Many English students have gained promotion or found better jobs and improved security for themselves and their families.

Communicate Effectively & Clearly

Understanding others and making yourself understood is essential to communicate effectively in the business world. Small mistakes in understanding or presentation can lead to unwanted consequences. These can cause unintended results or wasted time and money. Learn to communicate effectively and clearly.

Enjoy Time with Non-Japanese Speakers

Speaking and using English with confidence opens up your world! The ability to communicate with others in English enriches your life, leading to opportunities you may never have thought possible. Career, friends, even marriage.

This is What You Need To Do Now

1. Explore our Free Content

2. Sign up to 5 minutes per day

3. Sign up to video learning

4. Join the waiting list for one2one Coaching

5. Use our wide range of support materials

Our Guarantee to You

Learn Business English with our programme and you will vastly improve your confidence and ability to use English in a business environment. You need to do the work and do it consistently. If you do the work we give you then you will see the results. We will support you every step of the way. Of course, the final decision is yours.

Free Content

Videos, worksheets and reference to help you

5 Minutes

Build your confidence in just 5 minutes per day


Interactive & Immersive video lessons

One 2 One

Coaching programme to sky-rocket your progress