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Top Business Management Tips

How to organise a company. It is the first question that comes to mind when we start to grow and our company needs more management. A poorly structured company is synonymous with lack of efficiency. Prevent this from happening to your business. If you want to know more information about business management you can visit Zoe Talent Solutions

  • Small business owners have a very challenging job. Many owners decide on an industry because it fits their passion or something they are good at. What many entrepreneurs do not understand is that it takes much more than being good in a particular industry to run a business.
  • Most of the time, SME owners need to fulfil many roles : visionary, product development, publicist, accountant, secretary, concierge and more. This is why feeling overwhelmed is something that can happen at any time.
  • Most companies that are not profitable experience serious problems in the way they organise daily work. This can be observed in businesses where workers assume tasks that do not belong to them, or, nobody knows what they have to do.

How to organise a company?

The first of our Business Management Tips. Organisation is understood as the process of ordering and distributing work, authority and resources among the members of an organism, so that they can achieve the objectives in a better way. Therefore, a good organisation in the company is essential to achieve the proposed goals. These are some steps to achieve it:

Be clear about the objectives

The first step to give a structure to your company is to have well defined the mission, vision and objectives to be achieved and communicate them correctly to the rest of its members. They should be simple, understandable and easy to memorise. Once these aspects are clear, it will be possible to define which functions or tasks are key to achieve the proposed objectives.

Be clear about the company’s resources

The second step is to examine your workers: see how many and who they are, if you are starting, see how many you need and what their abilities and talents are. You should also be clear about the tools that your company has to achieve its results, in order to minimise its costs.

Make a list of the activities to be carried out

Once the objectives to be achieved and the resources are clear, make a list of the activities or tasks of the company. Define which are priority and which depend on others, as well as how many people are necessary to execute each activity. For example, if it is a delivery company, you must write down the tasks necessary for a good service, such as receiving calls, dispatching products, after-sales service, etc. The important thing is that there is no task left out. You can consult other entrepreneurs in the field to see how you have structured your business and have an idea about it.

Business Management Tips

Divide these activities into units

Specify what they consist of, how much time is needed to execute them and what are the objectives of each one, in accordance with the final goals of the company.

Assign each activity to the right person

Choose the person who could best perform each task, according to their skills, knowledge and motivations. Choosing the right person is essential to achieve the expected results, so do not rush into doing so. Make sure your employees have fully understood what they are asked for and agree.

Choose the leader

In companies, it is necessary to have a person at the head of everything. If the company is small and has few employees, they can be managed by a single boss, but if the number of workers increases, you will have to think of middle managers.

Keep the organisation of the company up to date

Watch for changes. Over time, the current organisation of the company may be inadequate due to internal conditions or external changes. Renew your company according to your needs.

Develop a team

Even the most organised owner needs help. That help can come in the form of employees or other subcontracted help. You cannot be an expert in everything and if you try you will lose focus on why you started that business in the first place. Make sure you have a team of people with knowledge to help you manage the company, therefore it is worth the expense of doing it right from the start.

If you are not sure how to understand what you need, start by listing the activities that:

  • You don’t want to do
  • You don’t know how to do
  • You know how to do but you don’t have the time to do it

Document your processes

Small businesses can become big businesses sometimes. Ford and Apple started as small businesses. Make sure you are prepared for any growth your business experiences.

Review the processes and procedures that everyone in your organisation carries out and document them. This will help you to:

Being able to see any gap or improvement in the areas that need to be taken into account. In addition, having documented procedures guarantees policy consistency.

Have the ability to handle the situation when someone leaves.

Be able to train people to strengthen the company.

Grow the value of the business

Did you know that most business investors do not want to buy a company if all the information is in the head of the owner? If you have well-documented solid systems, you significantly increase the value of your business. Another top Business Management Tips.

Business Management Tips

Take care of yourself

It is easy to feel consumed when you have a business to move forward. Make sure you leave some time for yourself. The most successful entrepreneurs make sure to take vacations and time to recharge the batteries.

It is true that all business owners have a lot to do and the list never ends. However, do you feel that things stagnate? Is the production the same or is it growing?

The Entrepreneur’s Skills

The skills of an entrepreneur describe their degree of competence to meet objectives and goals. These may be innate skills, abilities or abilities, but they can also be developed through practice. They learn and integrate into everyday behaviour and actions through trial and error.


Taking into account that the basic purpose of business is commercial, the ability to sell is indispensable for the entrepreneur. Anyone is able to buy and it is definitely easier to be an employee than an employer. That is why there are fewer entrepreneurs than buyers or employees, because not everyone develops the skill and vision of sales.


A good seller knows where and how he makes his products or services known in the market. Who has marketing skills knows how to create interest in what it offers. There is even a moment in the life of your business that you do not need to talk about yourself, your company or your product or service, because you have displayed your advertising skills so well that others will know and find you before you go looking for them.

Development of products and services

Who is always one step ahead in the development of their products and services, is because they constantly plan improvements, think about new sources of income and expand their proposals. An entrepreneur with this ability is organised, as it sets clear and scheduled goals.

Optimum time management

The organisation is not only a convenient habit, but a necessary skill. Every entrepreneur knows that the time he has is limited and that is why he handles it according to his priorities and does not get carried away by trivialities. Since you can’t recover it, take full advantage of it. Time is scarcer than gold and for entrepreneurs it is one of the greatest assets.

Ability to speak in public

Another essential one of our Business Management Tips. It is a basic skill for every professional and essential for the entrepreneur. It is essential to present and unfold before an audience of few or many. Since the entrepreneur is a person who influences others, it requires practicing and training in the ability to communicate correctly and effectively.

Business Management Tips

Skills for interpersonal communication

The entrepreneur is a public person, that is, of relationships and contacts. That is why you must develop the ability to deal with others, not to immediately get what you want from them, but to listen to them and attend to them as well. It must be taken into account that this ability is not only aimed at interacting with other entrepreneurs, but also with employees of all levels and with customers.

Computer and Internet

It is not enough to know how to create text files, presentations or a spreadsheet. Any business or company also grows to the extent that it adopts increasingly advanced computer systems. This knowledge development and adoption of tools must begin with the entrepreneur’s initiative to approach them. Sometimes it is necessary to have a computer consultant, but it is not a good idea to leave everything in your hands. It is necessary to develop these skills.

Continuous self-training

The continuous update is not an extra effort by the entrepreneur, it is an obligation. Those who do not develop new skills or acquire new knowledge will soon stop understanding the world around them, especially the business world. It is not about studying a new professional career every five years, but about self-instruction in various subjects, for example, finance, marketing or administration through brief diplomas or specialties.


An entrepreneur must take care of developing this ability to communicate with entrepreneurs of other nationalities. Even if it is not a company or business with international business, a lot of material from books, websites or manuals is in this language. In general, it is an invaluable skill that should not be overlooked for any reason. You can learn more about business English confidence here

Winning attitude

It does not refer to the emotional state of joy or the mental state of optimism. The winning attitude is more related to safety and confidence in action.


Setting professional goals according to time and priorities is the key to starting and re-routing a business when necessary. The entrepreneur’s life plan must clearly integrate their professional goals to achieve success. This plan and goal setting must be specific in terms of strategies and deadlines.


The creativity of the entrepreneur is not to blow his imagination to goals that are sometimes unattainable. It is not about dreaming as much as possible, even if it goes beyond reality. It is about investing time to have a broad vision about the business and about your own life, to establish the steps that follow to move to the next level.

From employee to entrepreneur

If you have in mind to start your own company or business, but you have stable employment, do not act in a rash manner. For a successful transition, follow the following Business Management Tips:

  • Don’t quit your job, but don’t have two jobs at the same time, the one you try to keep and the one that starts. Use your free and available time to start planning your business and start it.
  • When your personal business matches the salary of your employment, or when the growth of your personal business is limited by your employment, you will know that it is time to quit.
  • Start with a small capital, the excuse for not starting your business cannot be the lack of capital. Do not start investing in large structures or furniture. Start with the promotion, from there you will get the assets. Avoid credits as much as possible and try to finance yourself.
  • Choose a space from which to start planning and working. Do not rush to rent or acquire an office. Start at home or in other places that allow you to be comfortable, such as restaurants or cafes, especially for meetings with potential partners.
  • Take time exclusively to think. Do not make important initial decisions while under pressure, devote special time.

If you don’t give your brain and body time to recharge, the things you do will not be as good as they could be. Giving the mind the time to focus on a different way energies and inspires.

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